Securicate Hardware's field of expertise

The trade-in, recycling and refurbishment of network hardware

Our mission: to recycle network hardware and give it a new lease of life

Securitate Hardware is an IT broker specializing in servers, arrays and network hardware.
We audit, buy, recycle, refurbish and sell network hardware in compliance with the legislation in force.

Our approach meets two requirements:

On the one hand

Small-, mid- and large-cap companies are faced with the legal obligation to recycle the IT equipment for which they are responsible (decrees relating to WEEE).

  • What hardware can be recycled?
  • What hardware can be resold?
  • What hardware can be destroyed?
To answer these questions, they need guidance and to be able to entrust the task to a professional.
On the other hand

Businesses and individuals are looking for network hardware that is complex, good quality, tested and validated.

  • Complex
  • Good quality
  • Tested and validated
Securicate Hardware will recycle and depollute the IT hardware stocks of companies concerned about their ecological footprint, and give them a new lease of life in order to meet the needs of other companies who are looking for secondhand network hardware at the best price.

Our expertise: IT network hardware

Created by a former computer engineer who specializes in networks, Securicate Hardware specializes in the purchase, recycling, refurbishment and resale of IT network products. We position ourselves as the main contact for IT managers and general managers who want to develop their IT hardware stock and their network equipment in particular.

We offer to recycle, depollute, recover and purchase their existing equipment, and ensure they meet their legal obligations.

Our catalog of new and secondhand products also allows us to satisfy their new IT requirements while respecting their technical and budgetary constraints.

Our objective: to add value to your environmental strategy and reduce your costs

Whether you call on us for the recovery or depollution of your IT hardware stock or for the renewal of your IT equipment, we are always looking for the best solution to meet your quality and budget requirements.

We work with our customers as a business and technical partner with a simple goal: to reduce your costs while contributing to your organization’s sustainable development strategy.