How can you sell or recycle?

The boomerang effect according Securicate Hardware: throw out your hardware and it'll make you money!

You are planning to change your IT hardware but above all you have to get rid of your existing equipment. The various European and French directives concerning the recycling of electrical and IT equipment require that you ensure its proper disposal at the end of its life.

As a professional generating WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment), you are responsible for its processing (depollution, dismantling and preparation for final disposal or recovery) and recovery (reuse, recycling or incineration).

Entrust us with your WEEE recycling project and transform an ecological constraint into a business opportunity!

A specialist in the trade-in of IT network hardware stocks, Securicate Hardware assists you with your recycling strategy, in compliance with WEEE directives, and the recovery of your secondhand equipment. We will perform audits of the equipment you are no longer using and assist you in deciding how each piece of hardware will be treated.

  • If your equipment can be reused, we will carry out a financial study and buy your equipment at the best price in order to recover it and sell it on our website once we have repaired, tested and refurbished it.
  • If your equipment has to be destroyed, has no value or has to be recycled in part, we will manage the treatment of WEEE and depollute your computer rooms in the framework of the regulations in force, thanks to our network of approved partners.

No need to worry about transportation, logistics… or security!

We take charge of the removal of your hardware from your various sites in metropolitan France and ensure that your equipment is picked up.

We also prepare the transportation of the hardware by taking care of the inventory, dismantling, packing and handling.

The equipment, depending on its nature and condition, is then recycled or destroyed, according to the standards specific to hazardous waste (we work with certified partners).

We create reports on the treatments performed and provide you with a list of the retired equipment according to its destination. We guarantee the safe destruction of your data on all media (hard disks and other media) if you would like to outsource this task.

100% ecological, 100% economical: reuse and you can't lose!

With Securicate Hardware, you will add value to your hardware and give it a new lease of life. You will also contribute to the reduction of your company’s environmental footprint. One of the first tools of recycling is the reuse of equipment at the end of its life. Good recycling is both an economic and a commercial argument, which allows you to add value to your sustainable development strategy.

By buying and totally refurbishing your hardware, we avoid the unjustified scrapping of hardware that is still functioning and extend its life.

For equipment that requires destruction, we take charge of the treatments, which can be very time-consuming and laborious.

Our commitments: support from A (acquisition) to Z (zero waste)

  • We perform an audit in order to identify the treatment to be carried out for each piece of your equipment.
  • We buy your equipment at a fair price, defining the price with you according to the condition of your hardware and the quantity we are to take on.
  • We take responsibility for the depollution, recycling and disposal of waste that cannot be reused, thanks to our network of certified partners.
  • We can take charge of the destruction of data, the formatting of hard drives and the reading of serial numbers (list provided).
  • We provide you with the WEEE legal certifications required for you to meet your regulatory obligations.
  • We manage the packing and removal of your IT network hardware directly on your premises located in metropolitan France.
We value and buy your IT network hardware manufactured by major brands on the market (IBM, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco and many more…).
Do you have recycling plans
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